Public Parking

Please visit the Simmons Bank Arena (formerly Verizon Arena)  website for parking information.  There are a number of pay to park lots around the arena, most of which will cost $5 for the afternoon.


Student (Graduates) Parking

UAMS is providing 500 parking places to students behind the “River Wall” on East Riverfront Drive (approximately one block South of Simmons Bank Arena).  Students must present (or wear) a UAMS-issued graduation gown to the parking attendants in order to enter the lot.  Once the 500 spaces are taken, the lot will be closed so students are encouraged to car pool if possible.  Only one person in the vehicle must be a graduating student to park in the lot.


Faculty Parking

Faculty may park in the restricted lot on Washington Street (Washington and Olive).  This lot will be restricted and faculty must bring their UAMS ID Badge to show the parking attendant in order to enter the lot.

Be sure to allow plenty of time to reach Simmons Bank Arena  and find a parking space since traffic is typically very heavy by 9:00 a.m.

If you have questions about the ceremony, want additional information, or wish to leave a comment, contact Dana Venhaus by email or at 501.296.1376.

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